Business Registration Services

The benefits of incorporating may be substantial for your business. If your business is located in another state, your home state's corporate filing fees and reports may still be required. We can provide you with information about your area so you can decide if incorporating is the right move for you.

There are a number of business entity types to consider when you are deciding the structure of your business. The most advantageous entities to form are typically corporations or LLCs. Although other entity options are possible, these are the entities that offer the highest level of liability protection. As you review the characteristics of incorporating or forming an LLC, be sure to keep in mind both the present and future needs of your business. Often, when you start a business it begins as a small organization.

Accubis Inc. files business documents with government agencies for its clients as an authorized representative not limited to the corporation division, secretary of state and Department of revenue.

A new business can be a hassle to set up. Your business success depends on your focused attention. The following is a list for maintaining successful business:

  • Avoid mixing personal finances with your business finances.
  • Tax planning early in your company’s setup can save you hundreds of dollars later on.
  • Controlling your collection process will strengthen your cash flow which is critical to a new business.
  • Take advantage of new tax law changes as they happen.
  • Timely filing of payroll and sales tax reports to save your money
  • Timely file annual reports to maintain your company in good standing.
  • Select right accountant to give you timely advice and planning.


If you are using other than personal name to start business then please make sure you have created and registered with the state or county one of the following structure for your business to avoid to be penalized by the authorized agencies.

  • Corporation
  • S-Corporation
  • Sole Proprietor/DBA/Fictitious Name/Assumed Name/Trade Name
  • LLC (Limited Liability Company)
  • Professional LLC
  • Professional Corporation
  • Non For Profit Organization
  • Religious Corporation
  • LLP (Limited Liability partnership)
  • LP (Limited partnership)
  • Partnership
  • General Partnership
  • Foreign Corporation
  • Foreign LLC
  • Certificate of Authority